Garnica – Fool Again


he combination of house, funk and (cosmic) disco isn’t quite unheard of these days, but history has taught us that it requires some serious skill to carve something decent out of it. There’s plenty of good stuff out there, sure, but we’ve come across even much failure over the past few years so yeah, we tend to be extra wary when we come across this combination in a press release.

Enough with the chagrin. ‘Fool Again’ is the debut album by Rafael Garnica, a drummer turned electronic music artists whose music is, you guessed it, a combination of funk, disco, and slo-mo house. On the overall, the album serves as a canvas for Garnica to merge vintage sounding synths (70s and 80s-style, of course), wobbly funk basslines, thumping kicks and samples from dusty vinyl records into 10 chunks of in-fashion electronics. Tracks such as the designed-for-bedroom-use ‘Put Your Hands’, ‘Getting’ (check out the synths sweeps on this one), and the chugging space-jazz dweller ‘Oh Korea’ are among the best material this album has to offer. The rest of the tracks, well, we enjoyed listening to them, but most of them lacked a specific direction, not to say vision. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of meandering every now and then, but neither is adding a bit more variety and adventure to your music.

Our verdict:
‘Fool Again’ is a decent example of how a combination of aforementioned genres should sound like. Then again, it’s all a bit too sterile for our tastes, and a mere dash of dare would have done this album good. A typical example of an all-rounder.

Rating: 6.5/10
Label: Galaktika
Release date: March 26th, 2013

1. No Regrets
2. Love Someone
3. Put Your Hands
4. Fear Test
5. Interlude
6. I Don’t Care About Winning, I Care About Playing
7. Getting
8. D.B.
9. Oh Korea feat. Paulo Olarte
10. Outro

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