Cocoon Acht


or the eight consecutive year, the folks over at Cocoon present a compilation featuring some of the hottest tracks that have come out on the label in recent times. As was the case with the previous seven editions, ‘Cocoon Acht’ is compiled by Chris Tietjen, whose been with Cocoon since his teenage years and has developed himself into one of the label’s finest acts.

A look at the tracklist reveals a fair share of usual suspects: Maetrik, Daniel Stefanik, André Galuzzi and of course Chris himself all star in the mix, which has become a typical -but nonetheless high quality- example of German ‘Gründlichkeit’. Few labels manage to keep it real as Cocoon does, and ‘Cocoon Acht’ simply confirms Cocoon’s seemingly everlasting relevance.

The compilation opens with a less typical Cocoon track in the form of Sawlin’s ‘Posay’, a massive piece of chugging dub techno, before moving on to strong contributions by Ilario Alicante & Todd Bodine (who deliver a very atmospheric peak-time track with ’Modern Apocalypse’), Maetrik and Christian Burkhardt. You really can’t go wrong with so many dope tracks squeezed onto one disc, but we like to point out a few bangers you really can’t afford to miss. There’s ‘Ana Bola’ by Secret Cinema & Peter Horrevoets for your dirty techno fix, Chris Tietjen & Markus Fix’ ass-whooping ‘Active’ for classy dancefloor swaying, and a sweet collabo between Tietjen and Ricardo Villalobos on ‘TV Watching’, a track catering to afterhour-sofasurfing.

Our verdict:
As mentioned earlier in this review, this compilation simple shows why Cocoon are still on top of their game. March 4th, mark that date.

Rating: 8.0/10
Label: Poker Flat
Release date: March 4th, 2013

1. Sawlin – Posay
2. Daniel Stefanik – Everything Goes Green
3. Ilario Alicante & Todd Bodine – Modern Apocalypse
4. André Galluzzi & Dana Ruh – Voyage
5. Maetrik – Particle House
6. Christian Burkhardt – Waffles
7. Sian – East of Eden
8. Daniel Stefanik – Rush
9. Maetrik – The Reason
10. Secret Cinema & Peter Horrevorts – Ana Bola
11. Mark Broom – SQ18
12. Ambivalent – Iwato
13. Doomwork – Independence
14. Chris Tietjen & Markus Fix – Active
15. Daniel Stefanik feat. Cassy – Keep On (Version 1)
16. Chris Tietjen & Ricardo Villalobos – TV Watching

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