BnB Review: Cocoon Heroes – Mixed By Adam Beyer & Dorian Paic

Cocoon Heroes

Cocoon compilations are usually releases to look forward to, especially when they provide a preview of what clubbers can expect in terms of Ibiza action. Instead of going full-on techno like we’re used from him, Adam Beyer’s mix has become a more subtle blend of suave tech-house and dubbier material from artists such as Samuel L. Session, Joel Mull, Paul Ritch and Tiger Stripes. After a very well structured build-up in which ‘dub’  is the key word, Adam eventually engages into serving up very edgy and somewhat psychedelic techno with a nasty drive, in which especially tracks such as Steffen Deux’ Hungry, and Adam Beyer’s own Human Reason (with Alan Fitzpatrick) stand out.

Raum…Musik label manager Dorian Paic’ mix is a much more minimally structured affair in which the emphasis lies on nifty effecting and sudden twists rather than floor destruction. And there’s some pretty cool stuff to be found here too: Rio Padice’s Mission To Venus is a warm, muffled slab of minimalism, while tunes such as Daniel Stefank’s The Silicon Garden and DJ Sneak’s Delta Trippin’ turn to the beefier side of house music, including the tribal references and rumbling bass elements.

Our verdict on Cocoon Heroes mixed by Adam Beyer & Dorian Paic

Not bad, not bad. Adam’s mix is a bit more adventurous than Dorian’s, but we’re quite sure both will be enjoyed thoroughly by house and techno fanatics. Things are about to get very dirty over at Amnesia this summer…

Standout tracks: Adam Beyer & alan Fitzpatrick –Human Reason, Rejected – For The People (Ben Klock remix), Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts – Praise To The Beat Maker
Weak moments: Emmanuel Top – Addiction, Cally – Gud Gioc

Rating: 7.0/10
Label: Cocoon Recordings
Release date: June 10th, 2011

Tracklist Cocoon Heroes mixed by Adam Beyer & Dorian Paic

CD1 – Mixed by Adam Beyer
1. Function – Falling The Same Way (Dommune Version)
2. Midland – Bring Joy (Radio Slaves Joy and Pain Remix)
3. Dave Manuel – Theo (Alex Dolby Remix)
4. Emmanuel Top – Addiction
5. Skudge – Phantom
6. Joel Mull – Gmelina
7. Marc DePulse – Hartliner (Hermanez Remix)
8. Samuel L Session – Hype Nosis feat. Paris the Black Fu
09. The Martinez Brothers – The Causeway
10. Santos – Senior Scream
11. Paul Ritch – Common Sense
12. Reset Robot – 9AD
13. Pascal Mollin – Itchy
14. Steffen Deux – Hungry
15. Luca Morris – Lamu
16. Darius Syrossian – Stay Up Dancing, Get In Monday
17. Adam Beyer & Alan Fitzpatrick – Human Reason
18. Jesper Dahlback – You Got Me
19. Rejected – For The People (Ben Klock Remx)
20. Tiger Tripes – AH-64
21. Mark Henning – Collider
22. Terence :Terry – Time Doesn’t Count

CD2 – Mixed by Dorian Paic
1. Zip & Baby Ford – For How Long
2. Lawrence – Organ Track
3. Daniel Bell – Deep Down
4. Cally – Gud Gioc
5. The Martinez Brothers – Issshhh! (Beats)
6. Rio Padice – Mission To Venus
7. Priku – Monday Swing
8. Franco Cinelli – Program 36
9. Anonym – A Is For Acid
10. Daniel Stefanik – The Silicon Garden
11. Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts – Praise To The Beat Maker
12. DJ Sneak – Delta Trippin
13. Sascha Dive – La Santa Danza
14. Johnny Fiasco – Kalimba