BnB Promo Pool #36


amuli Kemppi – Lost (Balans)
The Balans debut of Finland-based producer Samuli Kemppi is an exciting piece of no-nonsense Scandinavian. Opening track ‘Seeker’ ties a dark, bass-ridden groove to a series of industrial sound layers, with the overall track breathing a very sinister but absolutely arse-kicking vibe. ‘Search’ comes with a heavier drum pattern, with serves as a support to another set of brilliantly textured synths and fx. Popping up for remixes duties are ROD (aka Benny Rodrigues), and Balans label head Darko Esser as Tripeo. ROD’s remix of ‘Seeker’ is a more upbeat slab of basement techno, while Tripeo’s remix of ‘Search’ amplifies the drums from the original mix to deliver a first-class techno blow.
Rating: 8.0/10 | Release date: March 18th, 2013

Felix Da Housecat – Sinner Winner EP (No Shame/Rude Photo)
House music’s dirtiest cat returns with his first solo material in four years, and we salute him for it. The Sinner Winner EP sees Felix dropping a brand new slice of pumping house grooves. Up first is the title, which opens with a mad church speech before blasting off into a very sexy house groove fueled by electro bassline and a surprisingly basic but powerful groove. Green Velvet drops a techy remake of the track in typical GV fashion. Closing things is ‘Give Me Body’, an ecstatic fuse of disco euphoria and pumping house. The cat is back on the streets.
Rating: 7.7/10 | Release date: March 18th, 2013

Digitaria – Shine (Hot Creations)
Brazil’s Digitaria’s new EP balances on the fine lines between cosmic house and disco and it’s absolutely brilliant. It’s simply straight on enjoying from the very first second here: ‘Shine’ is a lush piece of highly exciting synth-fueled house, with a fingerlickin’ synth bass that will have you jump up and down in sheer ecstacy. Morgan Geist’s remix is a stripped-down remix with particularly well programmed vocals and a somewhat mysterious overall vibe. ‘Mystic Flow’ delivers more excitement in the form of a stunning cut in which the sound layering is done exceptionally well. And did we say the melody is mind-blowing. It is, you know. The EP closes with a remix from wAFF, who turns ‘Shine’ into a thronbing piece of deep down and dirty dancefloor flair. Brain-melting brilliance.
Rating: 8.0/10 | Release date: April 1st, 2013

Marco Bailey vs. Filterheadz – Mansion / Fifth Avenue (Bedrock)
Belgian techno heavyweights Marco Bailey and Filterheadz team up to deliver two fresh tracks for John Digweed’s Bedrock label, and it’s become one followers of said artists will definitely feel. Up first is ‘Mansion’, a mid-tempo clash of very sexy grooves, reverb bass and synths and the kind of vibe that can bring an entire club to its knees in a matter of seconds. Topped with a superb first climax and an even better one later on, this is one beast of a track for sure! ‘Fifth Avenue’ holds a more proggy summer vibe, but do not underestimate its power… Massive stuff.
Rating: 8.0/10 | Release date: Out now

Douglas Greed – Masked Up And Messed Up (Freude am Tanzen)
Now this is a very interesting piece of work, lads and ladies. It’s Douglas Greed on the house tip once again with three standout tracks tailored for total club annihilation. ‘Mased Up And Messed Up’ is a stingy little banger propelled by acid bass pulses, vocals dissing vanity (reminiscent of Douglas’ ‘When A Man Sings On A Track’ release)’5000 Ansi Lumen’ mixes a heavy bassline to silky strings, after which closing track ‘Rainfall’ closes with a jazzy piece of house mania. Quality.
Rating:7.5/10 | Release date: out now

Panterso666 – Hyper Reality (Bromance Records)
Brodinski’s Bromance Records, kicking ass as always, now delivers its next blow with this mini-LP from Panteros666 (Victor Watel). And it’s a very, very intriguing one really: Panteross’ music is basically a mad clash between pumping olschool eurohouse rave (incl. the phat hoovers, stuttering high-pitched vocals and breakdowns), roaring techno, and hardcore dubstep. Or as Tiga likes to call it: “this is 2013 future rave shit!” He ain’t lyin’: each of the seven tracks shifts from hysteric rave patterns to epic drops and banging climaxes, with ‘Porteciel’, ‘Euroshima’ and Olymp X being the standout cuts. That’s straight mass dancefloor hysteria right there. Check it out as soon as you can.
Rating: 8.0/10 | Release date: March 4th, 2013