Review: Weekend Heroes & Matan Caspi

Weekend Heroes & Matan Caspi

Sprout is getting hot and heavy with it's upcoming music release, that show cases- Weekend Heroes and Matan Caspi's collaborative effort, which goes by the name of ''Control The Budget''. The pack is further strengthened by two remixes, one of which brings Alex Stein in to the spot-light, the other from Aussies- Thankyou City. The title track is an entirely different kind of … [Read more...]

Review: Gidge – Autumn Bells (Atomnation)


As organic and rich as Mother Nature herself. That's how we would like to describe Swedish duo's Ludvig Stolterman and Jonatan Nilsson's music. Built upon meandering grooves, lush, beautiful melodies and flickering field recordings, Gidge's output sounds highly structured and well thought-over, yet still manages to reflect the same kind of carelessness as an infant playing in a … [Read more...]

Rebel One – Who Got It? Including Arnas D Remix

Rebel One

A leading light in the American dance circuit, and based out of Mexico city Fernando Ortiz Soto's solo music project - Rebel One connects all the dots, to fix up a thundering maiden release on Stripped Digital titled ''Who Got It?'', Original Mix. It seeks you out with a rippling face and challenges the dance floor to actually dance. There's a loose Bass pattern, shards of … [Read more...]

BnB Promo Pool #59


Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons, Scuba, Mark Broom & Gary Beck and ROD are just some of the names who get the review treatment in this week's Promo Pool! It's not easy to select just a few EPs to spotlight among the numerous brilliant releases that are about to hit shops, but here's a few that have succesfully passed the challenge... jozif - Waikiki … [Read more...]

Review: Dosem – City Cuts


Dosem's sound hasn't changed much over the past years, but if you continue to consistently deliver high quality progressive house and techno bombs, there's very little need to do so eh? 'City Cuts' marks the Spanish producer's third album to date, and his first for Coyu's lauded Suara label. “It's an album inspired by urban life which includes some of my experiences from the … [Read more...]