Various artists – Identity Switch (Vampire Records)


DnB label Vampire Records have issued a rock-solid compilation that covers pretty much the entire DnB spectrum. Here's the full story... Outside of the UK and, to a lesser extent, the US, drum 'n bass has always remained one of the more underground genres despite its decades-spanning presence in the realms of electronic music. Lately, however, the genre has spawned quite a … [Read more...]

Kaiserdisco – 50 Shades of KD (The Remixes)


One of Hamburg's finest Dj- Producer duos; Kaiserdisco have stepped up the heat by brandishing their own imprint by the name of KD Music, that's shown all kinds of promise of being a true underground force in the scheme of dance music. The label's reputation has gone from strength to strength and has already seen some killing releases in recent times. The latest offering … [Read more...]

BnB Promo Pool #62


Wanna know if those new EPs from Sau Poler, Echologist, STERAC, D’Marc Cantu, Stroboscopic Artefacts and many others are worth your cold hard cash? Find out after the click! Various artists - Berlin Paris 1.0 (RYC_Label) The Berlin-based Reclaim Your City label drops a heavy techno package reminiscent of Stroboscopic Artefacts, by which we means it's very, very good. The … [Read more...]

Marshall Applewhite – Leave Earth


Detroit’s Joel Dunn’s new full-length further explores his self-termed ‘Sludge’ sound, a low-slung and raw form of house and acid fueled by 303s and 909s. Having been in the making for nearly two years, ‘Leave Earth’ is composed of 12 tracks (including 7 previously unreleased tracks), with the product as a whole having become a very industrial and dark collection of … [Read more...]

Rebel One – Far Away / Agata de Fuego (Stripped Off)


Label Stripped Off have dropped several blistering musical bombs in 2014, and Costa Rican Deep Tech- Techno specialist Fernando Ortiz aka Rebel One's new, two track release ''Far Away & ''Agata de Fuego'' from the banner, speaks avant garde, crafty work to continue with the hot streak. While the former exchanges ridiculous amounts of underground whooshing warmth, the latter … [Read more...]