USA To Speed Up Visa Process For DJs And Artists

The slow pace of the Immigration Services more than once resulted in artists not being able to spin in the States. Like Ricardo Villalobos, who was scheduled to play at DEMF but didn’t get a visa in time. And no visa means no show.  After years of complaints about the incredibly slow pace at the Immigration Service, they now promised to do better. In a meeting last Tuesday at the HQ of the agency, officials stated they will be bring down the time needed for O and P visas (which are mostly used by artists and athletes) to 14 days. Up to know it could just as easily take 120 days (!) before you got yours, with occasional request for some “extra information” about the artists intention of visiting in between. Check out the god damn hospitality on that one.

Alejandro Mayorkas, director of the agency stated “What this means is that we are establishing for ourselves and our customers a standard by which our success and failure is to be measured. One thing is to deliver the adjudications in rapid time because of the needs of the community, and another is to ensure that we achieve fair and just adjudications”.

Right, sounds like things are going to be better indeed. Now, let’s hope they don’t lose themselves in some other bureaucratic form of paper management.