Timo Maas @ Santos Party House

A stunning 150,000 watt sound system, 8,000 square feet of dance floor, and a large dark room that can be transformed from a nightclub to a concert venue in a matter of hours. Oh and I almost forgot, a private VIP room with walls drenched in graffiti, a necessity for any rocker of merit and his collection of groupies. But we all know that rock is so 5 years ago! Santos is the perfect venue to host a sick techno party for the worlds most internationally known DJ’s, and lately it has lived up.

Timo Maas, a former trance turned techno DJ hailing from Germany (surprise, surprise) has changed his style 180 degrees from his 2005 “Pictures” album that used to blare from my convertible speakers on 95 heading down Miami in college. Signora wonderfully cheesy, vocally tunes…and hello 2010 techno! Maas has undeniably altered for the better. He bombarded Santos with groovin’ danceable beats that were perfectly balanced and appropriate for the space. The only disappointment is that due to unknown circumstances and/or standard nightclub BS, the club was shut down prematurely. So its quite unfortunate that the closer, up and coming NYC DJ and Producer, Martin K, didn’t get to showcase his New York meets Ibiza, complex, rhythmic techno that would surely shut the joint down properly. Stay tuned party people.