The Kling Klong Radioshow: Rainer Weichhold & Jaceo

First up is one hour of fresh Kling Klong stuff coated in a flawless mix by Jaceo, a hotly tipped artists who thus far has delivered goods on labels sych as Kling Klong, Great Stuff Recordings, MBF Records, and Defected. Popping up for the second hour is Rainer Weichhold with a superb Best Of Kling Klong Mix full of snazzy label classics.

Jaceo: Kling Klong DJ Mix | Download

1. Macromism – Bless Your Bass (Original Mix) (Kling Klong)
2. David Berrie – Blue Parrot (Original Mix)
3. Cuartero – Madrugar (Original Mix)
4. Martin Eyerer & Alex Flatner – Decent Treatment (Steve Lawler Remix) (Kling Klong)
5. Samuel Dan – 1000 Faces (Original Mix)
6. Kaiserdisco – Semiharis (Original Mix)
7. David Herrero – Equinox (Original Mix)
8. Collective Machine – Rollercoaster (Original Mix)
9. Anil Chawla – Tandrum (Hermanez Remix)
10. Mario Calegari – Tropa (F.Sonik Remix)
11. Loco Dice – Definition of Poison (Josh Wetherington Edit)
12. Jaceo – Baby Bottle (Original Mix) (Kling Klong)

Rainer Weichhold – Best Of Kling Klong Mix | Download
1. Hermanez – Do You (Kling Klong)
2. Oliver Klein – Hey Baby (Original vinyl version) (Kling Klong)
3. Anton Pieete – Whaler (Kling Klong)
4. Kaiserdisco – Jaana (Radioedit) (Kling Klong)
5. Martin Dawson – Double Six (Ramon Tapia Remix) (Kling Klong)
6. Tapesh – Yeah (Kling Klong)
7. Chase Buch & Nick Olivetti – Locongas (Jay Lumen ReCreation) (Kling Klong)
8. Oliver Klein and Kolombo – Just A Groove (Original) (Kling Klong)
9. Nick Olivetti & Chase Buch – Essa Hei (Original) (Kling Klong)
10. Alec Chizhik & Markus Mehta – Chaos Theory (Rino Cerrone Remix) (Kling Klong) 11. Heartik – Mini Swing (Kaiserdisco’s Maxiswing Remix) (Kling Klong)
12. Matt Star – Baboo (Kling Klong)