Nick Curly To Release Debut Album

So, Mannheim-house eh? Yup. But calling it tech-house would suffice too, because that’s basically what it all comes down to. Over the past few years, 8Bit label boss Curly has been dropping a wide range of tunes and remixes, including a couple on Sven Väth’s Cocoon label, which has garnered him a huge fanbase that stretches from his native Germany all the way down to Ibiza. Nick’s debut album Between The Lines is said to be soulful as opposed to what we’re used from him, all the while preserving his beloved club sound. All the tracks on this album are previously unreleased too…

01. Inside My Head
02. Eastern Curve
03. Piano in the Dark
04. Spinning Plates
05. Glass Ceiling
06. Wrong Hands
07. Hairline
08. Truth to Be Told
09. Between
10. You Don’t Have to Hopp
11. Underground
12. Harlot
13. Wake Me Up

Nick Curly – Libero by cocoonrecordings