Kaiserdisco – In No One’s Shadow

Well we can be short about it… it does. But before we tell you why let’s take closer look to where the two hail from. The duo debuted back in 2008 on Micro.fun with a sound that fits the minimal jacket, but in fact offers a lot more action than what goes for minimal these days. And Pete Tong loves ‘em .

After a string of releases on their home label My Best Friend and more recently on Adam Beyer’s Drumcode the time now has come for their first long player. The CD includes 10 earlier unreleased tracks plus their two biggest hits: Aquja and Carachillo, previously released on the My Best Friend Imprint. The album starts off with the warm and atmospheric Tripping Lure, which is a smooth mash of Balearic sounds accompanied with gentle and soft strings. Constant glows of warmth form an important part of this album: each of the 12 tracks is made with the same eye for detail and have a distinctive warm feeling to it. Whether your are listening to the second track In No One’s Shadow or to the last; Djuma of Love, hot vibes and exotic percussion elements will definitely make you nod your head.

Listening to the album reveals why everyone dubs Kaiserdisco as ‘being minimal’. The outfit, however, has managed to evolve the music into something much more sophisticated and complete then that minimal sound of a few years back. Most of the times it shifts more towards the deep-house spectrum, which in my eyes is a good thing.

Overall Kaiserdisco’s debut LP In No One’s Shadow is an absolutely stunning piece of music. The warmth and detailed textures will put a smile on your face while listening which will probably last long after the CD has come to an end. Even if you don’t like or better “have liked” minimal, check out this one since it has come to become something completely different and varies from Chicago flavoured funk to loungy and deep house. One to replay over and over.

Check out Kaiserdisco’s discography on iTunes

1. Tripping Lure
2. In No Ones shadow
3. Dance On The Moon
4. Simplistix
5. Marie
6. Legal Weapon
7. You & Me
8. Carachillo
9. Hickup
10. Aguja
11. Holding Up My Life
12. Djuma Of Love

My Best Friend
Release date: October 25th 2010
Rating: 9/10