James Zabiela At This Is



The ‘THIS IS’ events at the Melkweg (Amsterdam) have already been very successful during several Amsterdam Dance Events editions. The parties, which are organized by one of Holland’s favourite House DJ and producer; the legendary Sander Kleinenberg. The This  Is nights always feature great international DJ’s and provide a platform for up and coming DJ’s. Same same for this Friday evening on the 3rd of June: James Zabiela, Dimitri Kneppers, Ferreck Dawn and Hi-Fi Mystery School.

Ferreck Dawn started off by playing some great beats and interesting house. You could actually see the crowd getting excited and getting more and more in the mood for the main act they were waiting for. There were quite some older attendees who were probably waiting for DJ Dimitri, known from the old days in the Amsterdam club Roxy. The younger people were mostly waiting for their favourite: James Zabiela.

After Ferreck Dawn was finished, a couple from the Hi-Fi Mystery School, a group of innovatie Amsterdam based DJs, started playing. They started up pretty nice and warmed up the public for what was supposed to come. Suddenly on Twitter the news arrived that James Zabiela’s laptop broke down, therefore the couple of the Hi-Fi Mystery School had to extend their set. Maybe their inexperience made it that they didn’t know how to respond to that.

After quite a while James Zabiela arrived. Some consider him the most technical gifted DJ these days. Besides the great tracks he plays, it just looks amazing seeing him DJ’ing. In his early years he used to play Breakbeat music and you can still taste that style in his music. He really got the crowd going wild and it is most certain people forgave him for being late…

After James shaked a lot of hands and even took more photos with his fans, DJ Dimitri took his place behind the tables. In 2007 DJ Dimitri took, like he said, a sabbatical as producer and stopped as DJ. He worked at a Cheese farm (can you be more Dutch?) for several years. In 2010 he stated to start twisting again and this Friday it turned out great. His build ups are very good and it seems like he really ‘listens’ to the crowd. Before you could notice, it was already 5:00 and you could see the disappointment when the final track was played. Great evening!

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