James Holden To Release New Album In June


t’s been a while since we last heard from James Holden, but the Border Community label boss is about to return with a brand new album. And it’s a rather special project too: ‘The Inheritors’ has been made using custom-made computer programs that Holden used to build his own analogue-digital gear. 

“There is something very Heath Robinson about the machines I build, says Holden. “Chaos systems with stable states and unstable states, modulating themselves as I fight to steer them. Everything is first takes. It was all a moment. It’s recorded like folk music—no overdubs, no virtuosity. A man learnt some instruments to a basic standard and played them. Where needed, he sang.”

Commenting on the album, James mentioned that “In dance music you’re face to face with redundant, pointless music the whole time—records that don’t need to exist because every part of them already exists elsewhere. Maybe the same everywhere. I wanted to make the opposite and try to find my own successful combinations and strategies. That part-explains the long gestation I guess. But what would be the point of doing anything else? The album is not meant to sound like now, but it’s not meant to sound like the past either.”

The new album is said to be inspired by a very wide range of influences, including “pentatonic folk scales, and ancient pagan rituals.” So yeah, it’s all still a bit abstract, but that’s just how James rolls.

‘The Inheritors’ will be released on June 17th. April 8th will see an EP release of album track ‘Gone Feral’. Scroll down to listen!

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