Interview: Yves Bash

Yves Bash – minimix 8 **free download** by Yves Bash

Belgian trashy-electro-pop artist Yves Bash has been on my hit list for years. In the following interview he says that “In music everything is possible”. No stranger to large crowds, festivals and global events, he wishes to play at The Republic of Kazantip this year, and will continue working hard in the studio for some more monumental new tracks. He follows his own very unique style, to the bitter end.

What inspires you about music?
I’ve always loved music. I have been influenced by electro body music (EBM), new wave, punk and rock from a very young age. What I like most about music is the melody and energy, and another very important thing for me are voices, but I think I’m inspired everyday by everything around me.

How would you describe your sound?
It’s always difficult to describe because I play a lot of different things, but I would say electro-trashy-house.

The most favourite festival that you’ve either been to / or played at? Are you thinking of going to legendary Republic of Kazantip?
For me personally: the Dissonant festival in Belgium. I really liked the atmosphere. It’s funny that you mentioned Kazantip. I would very much like to perform there as every big name has played there. Perhaps my music is a little too loud… Anyway, I say it’s funny because this year I will certainly go to the Ukraine and visit Kazantip. And you never ever know, maybe I’ll be playing there as well…

What are you looking forward to in this year?
I would certainly like to do more production work. And without a doubt, come play in South Africa 😉 (Andrea: YAY!)

What track changed your life musically growing up, that when you listened to the music of that band or that song, your life has never been the same?
All of Depeche Mode’s music. They introduced me to electronic music in the first place. The first track that really made me vibrate has to be Kevin Saunderson – Rock to the Beat

Would you recommend a career in music for anyone?
When I started in the industry a few years ago, yes, but honestly right now it is hard to reach top level. You need to believe in what you do and work hard, because there are a lot more DJs and producers than ever before. The arrival of digital technology made virtually anyone a “pseudo” dj, but I believe that this technology kills the true definition of the word “DJ”. But it’s evolution. DJing should be all about fun first. It’s nice if it can turn into a profession, but fun is the most important aspect.

What advice would you give a rock artist, wanting to change his style into a more electro and dance direction?
I think it’s necessary to keep it basic musically, and not try to copy but bring in some new things. In music everything is possible.

Yves Bash – ToGetheR 04 **free download** by Yves Bash