Francesco Tristano – Idiosynkrasia (Remixes)

Up first is Berghain resident and Ostgut artist Ben Klock, whose remix of the track is what we may expect from the man: a deep, sweaty hypnotizer of a house/techno hybrid drenched in atmosphere. Tom Taylor and Paul Woolford take things to the big room with a pumping, bass–driven club track supported by beefy beats and even beefier bass. The melodics from the original are especially well preserved on this one. Ark’s remix balances on the borders of deep house and oldschoolish Detroit techno, with 8-bit sounds and cut-up fx overlaying the rhythm. A bit strange, but nonetheless very enjoyable. Fumiya Tanaka closes the EP with a mid-tempo blend of minimal techno beats and jazzy  percussion elements.

Our verdict:
The diversity of this EP makes it a bit of a techno allrounder, which definitely is a good thing. Ben Klock is the winner on this one though.

Rating: 7.5/10
Label: InFiné
Release date: Out now

1. Ben Klock remix
2. Tom Taylor & Paul Woolford remix
3. Ark remix
4. Fumiya Tanaka remix

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