Download: Vintage Analog Ringtones By Alexander Robotnick

Cool ringtones are hard to come by, especially the dance music kind, so Alexander Robotnick decided to churn out some melodies that will make you the coolest cat amongst your EDM buddies (well, at least for a sec..):

“I made this collection because I really feel sorry for all those iPhones, the majority of which are ringing the same melody,”says Alex. “Summer is coming, you’ll probably be standing outdoor in the middle of a crowd with many iPhones ringing in the air. It’s much better to have a truly unique sound you can easily recognize. Although my ringtones may sound a little bit weird I’m sure you’ll find one that matches your inner weird personality.

They are basically divided into the following genres:

1) Panicly
2) Nervous
3) Clean
4) Cheesy
5) Mistery
6) Love
7) Just weird

Don’t forget that with most mobile phones you can assign a different tone to a single individual or group of people. In this case you may need all the genres covered by my ringtones.”

Grab’ em here!