BnB Review: Tridact – Tridact

The Internasjonal label has been delivering numerous extremely cool disco stuff over the course of its existence, and this album here arrives just in time to serve as the ultimate soundtrack to enjoy the final days of summer. Now, Tridact’s sound isn’t the kind of hands-in-the-air nu disco that we’ve heard so much this year. Instead, we’re dealing with the more laidback version of disco bliss, a sound that’s best enjoyed during afternoon poolside relaxation, BBQs, or driving your Ford Mustang convertible down some sun-coated boulevard. That means laidback basslines, downtempo rhythms and glowing keys and guitars in the back, elements aqueezed out of a bunch of analog drum machines and synthesizers.

Opening track First Steps sets the tone for an easy going 10-track trip with its Air-ish bass sounds and synths waves forming an extremely relaxing piece of chill out disco. Tracks such as J24 At Sunset and Over The Clouds turn things up a nudge without affecting the cool breeze that this album is. In each track, Tridact manages to find a close to perfect balance between authentic chill out and computerized disco, with the result being a very enjoyable album that perfectly translates the laidback vibe of laidback summer afternoons.

Our verdict:
Tridact’s self-titled debut album is a well produced take on downtempo disco marked by a playful mix of acoustic and electronic elements. The production is superb, but not every track did manage to keep our undivided attention. Nevertheless, consider this a lovely album and a fine addition to your disco collection.

Rating: 7.5/10
Label: Internasjonal
Release date: Out now

Tridact by tridact