BnB Review: Oxia – Tides Of Mind

Whereas most producers tend to release an album every two years, Oxia has taken no less than 8 years to release the follow-up to his critically acclaimed debut album 24 Heures. In between, Olivier Raymond has been releasing a truckload of very impressive EPs and remixes, all of which grew out to become emotive anthems for clubbers across the globe. From the emotion-laden Domino (2006) to 2010’s tech-fueled Whole Life, one can without any doubt say that Oxia’s music perfectly captures nearly every facet of heartwarming compositions, and even more so the zeitgeist of 21st century electronic music.

Tides Of Mind will be released through InFiné, the label of his long-time friend Agoria. A logical decision, sure, but we like to think of it as a match made in heaven. InFiné has been among our favorite labels for years due to their signature sound in which guts, self-wise attitudes, creativity and utterly organic music made with meticulous precision are just some of the label’s key elements.

“I guess I’ve had a wider range of influences on this album,” says Olivier. “I started listening to a lot more jazz, classical music and folk.” Tides Of Mind has indeed become a canvas for experiments in that sense, but Oxia’s trademarked melodics are kept intact. Rue Brusherie, the second track on the album, sees Oxia fusing electronic jazz grooves to a lush piano melody and an irresistible groove. A less obvious track is his collabo with Miss Kittin on Housewife, a fat chunk of punchy but playful floor funk rigged with massive beats and amazing vocals. The beat-less Traveling (feat. Mesparrow) marks a welcome interlude in between the brilliant beatdown, after which the incredibly sensual Harmonie (of which the EP was released last month) takes us back into hazy basements with its stunning keys and strings. Track 8, Sway, is one of the more dreamy tunes on the album. This one fuses in-fashion break beats to several layers of serene, slow-moving synths of entrancing allure, with the result being a truly mesmerizing composition. Not only do such tracks add a great deal of balance to Tides Of Mind, it also proves that Oxia is a highly skilled musician who knows that today’s electronic music aficionados demand diversity on their purchases.

Our verdict:
Tides Of Mind has become a majestic tour de force and a definite landmark in both this year’s range of artist albums as Oxia’s own discography. From beginning to end, the album transmits ongoing pulses of emotion, epic dancefloor moments and topnotch creativity, and it is only rarely that we come across an album that has all this in store. A must-have.

Rating: 8.8/10
Label: InFiné
Release date: May 2012

1. Premiss
2. Rue Brusherie
3. Housewife feat. Miss Kittin
4. Nightfall
5. Traveling Fast feat. Mesparrow
6. Harmonie
7. Flying Over Time
8. Sway
9. The Phoney Lullaby feat. Scalde
10. Latitude
11. Exaila