BNB REVIEW: New Jack Techno (Turbo Recordings)

Whereas the label used to be a prolific vendor of electro-tinged cuts, Tiga’s Turbo Recordings imprint has slowly evolved into a platform for frenetic, high-quality (electro-)house and techno with an experimental twist. Fresh from dropping a handful of EPs by new signees over the past few months, the lauded Canadian label now presents the New Jack Techno compilation as a preview of what’s going to shake your local club and festival in coming months…

New Jack Techno collects both familiar names as acts that may not have reached international recognition yet, making it a very diverse and adventurous compilation even before the play button is hit. The compilation opens with the deep and druggy Iron & Water by dark house honchos Gingy & Bordello, after which we get to hear a bunch of more experimental material in the form of Locked Groove bumpy hips-and-ass-moving ghetto funk track Different Paths and the rumbling proto-techno that is J. Tijn’s The Anti Mixdown. A raw, punchy and heavy-on-the-bass compilation in essence, New Jack Techno offers plenty of exciting moments to go ape on. Locked Groove & Gingly collabo Tie Dye is one of the most remarkable tracks to be found here. Mixing menacing acid stabs to desolate strings and a kick-ass groove, this track has all it takes to sweep even the most stubborn clubber of his feet, while the extremely dirty Gang by Clouds and Nautiluss’ brilliant Troubleman add even edgier vibes to this compilation. All tracks are unmistakably ‘Turbo’, but this compilation proves that this sound is in fact much broader and far more diverse than many would expect. The biggest track on this compilation, you ask. Tough question, but Duke Dumont’s ueber-heavy Underground Persistance kicks like a wasp-stung mule on speed…

Our verdict:
New Jack Techno is more than an update on Turbo’s current musical direction: it’s the one compilation to turn to if you’re looking for heavy hitting, high quality clubbing dirtiness. Approved by the entire BnB crew!

Rating: 8.2/10
Label: Turbo Recordings
Release date: June 25th, 2012

1. Gingy & Bordello – Iron & Water
2. Locked Groove – Different Paths
3. J. Tijn – The Anti Mixdown
4. Milano – Wasteland
5. Locked Groove & Gingy – Tie Dye
6. Clouds – Gang
7. Sei A – Mercy Bass
8. Nautiluss – Troubleman
9. Duke Dumont – Underground Persistence
10. Tomas Andersson – Stickingar