BnB Review: Cocoon Heroes 2012 – Mixed by Joris Voorn & Cassy

Since 2007, Cocoon have been releasing a Cocoon Ibiza summer mix CD as a preview of the label’s anticipated parties at Amnesia. Dutchman Joris Voorn and Berlin resident Cassy helm this year’s edition, and they’ve managed to carve out a pretty fat compilation if we may say so. Joris’ mix comes with no less than 26 tracks including a few mash-ups, while Cassy deliveres a more straight-forward mix consisting of 13 tracks.

CD 1 – mixed by Joris Voorn
Joris’ mix has become a very balanced, warm and melody-driven mix of house, tech-house, and a touch of (progressive) techno on the side. The mix immediately opens strong with a handful of lovely tunes of which Egal 3’s A51, Lawrence’s The Swan and the beautiful Für Die Liebe by Lee Burridge & Matthew Dekay are especially noteworthy. Following, Joris gently shifts to deeper and more powerful rumbles, all the while securing a consistent and organic flow with very few weak moments Tunes such as Truncate’s Truncate 17, Guy Gerber’s One Day In May and the piano-laden Return Of The Annunaki (John Tejada remix) by Soy Mustafa differ a lot from each other, but the combination of these tracks is nothing short from absolutely stunning. Great build-up, great drive, solid mixing, superb mix. In fact, and we know this is a bold statement, this mix may very well be the very best we ever heard from the Cocoon front.

CD 2 – mixed by Cassy
Seeing ‘just’ 13 tracks being included in Cassy’s mix may seem a bit of a letdown after the grandeur of Joris Voorn’s mix, but let’s not judge a book by its cover: it’s the content that counts. To cut a long story short: Cassy delivers. After a surprising opening with Pearson Sound’s booming Stifle, Cassy immediately moves to uptempo and very powerful house and techno with almost every track being a superb addition to the mix as a whole. Although much darker and more raw than the first disc, Cassy’s mix is a standout contribution to this compilation that comes with highlights aplenty. Examples? Sigha’s Fold (check out the massive bass/kick-combo!), Paul Woolford & Psycatron’s Stolen (Dub Two), and the sick industrial banger Wax30303 B by Shed all are absolute gems, but it’s the mix as a whole that does the business.

Our verdict:
This year’s Cocoon Heroes may very well be the best package we ever received from Sven Väth’s imprint. Both mixes serve as each other’s counterpart in terms of sound, atmosphere and flow, and the craftsmanship of its composers, along with a solid track selection and flawless mixing make this compilation the hottest item available for house and techno fanatics at this moment.

Rating: 8.7/10
Label: Cocoon Recordings
Release date: June 25th, 2012

CD1 – Mixed by Joris Voorn
1. Olaf Stuut – I See
2. Matthew Burton – Soul Groove / St. Thomas – Romochalumo
3. Egal 3 – A51
4. Lawrence – The Swan
5. Philip Arruda – Seeds Of Brooklyn (&ME Remix) / Robosonic – The Sweetness
6. Matthew Dekay & Lee Burridge – Für Die Liebe
7. Gerry Read – Roomland (Youandewan Remix)
8. Microtrauma – Pollen Flug
9. Jason Justin – Tab Jack (Springwater Dub)
10. Steve Lawler – Caracas / ONNO – Mumblin Groove
11. Hot Since 82 – Let It Ride (Nicolas Masseyeff Remix) / Hobo – Ipperwash Dusk
12. Stefny Winter – When The Rain Fell
13. Truncate – Truncate 17
14. Clio – Poem
15. Otra feat. Argenis Brito & Pier Bucci – Part7 / Amarillo y Verde
16. Guy Gerber – One Day In May
17. Someone Else – Barbay (Ronan Portela Remix – Joris Voorn Edit)
18. Soy Mustafa – Return of the Anunnaki (John Tejada Remix)
19. Rhauder – Acid Jam
20. Oxia – Harmonie
21. Luis Flores – New Flesh (Drumcell Remix)
22. Back Pack Poets – Objective T
23. Himan – Midnight Express (Samuel L. Session Remix)
24. ReUP – Back In A Day (Marco Faraone Darkness Remix)
25. Intruder A Murk Production – Jei Amame feat. Jei (Radio Slave Dub)
26. Astrofarm – Strings (Ain’t What They Used To Be)

CD2 – Mixed by Cassy
1. Pearson Sound – Stifle
2. Dario Zenker – Works
3. Cavalier – Kaimanawa
4. Sigha – Fold
5. DJ Dan – Put That Record Back On (Peace Division Mix)
6. Rush? – Cortometraggio
7. Paul Woolford & Psycatron – Stolen (Dub Two)
8. Mr. G – New Dayz
9. Shed, Wax – Wax30303 B
10. Mr. G – Sunday Blues (Kasper Remix)
11. Tennis – Make It Good (Ryan Elliot Remix)
12. Adam Marshall – Thelon
13. Mr. G – Lex (Flip Flopping)