BnB Review: Alex Niggemann – Paranoid Funk (Poker Flat)

Residing in the epicenter of all things electronic, Berlin, 26 year-old Alex Niggemann has been releasing a slew of hotly tipped releases on labels such as Tsuba, Supernature, 8Bit and Poker Flat since 2008, merging retro elements to jacking Chicago grooves and deep but very powerful textures. Paranoid Funk has become a culmination of his musical efforts so far, as it transmits pretty much everything us demanding clubbers could wish for in today’s overcrowded house and techno scene.

A very warm and diverse album in essence, Paranoid Funk switches from dark cuts for midnight dancefloors to more above-ground electronics in which elements from roughly 20 years of house collide. After the hypnotic opening track Don’t Wait, the album sails towards heavier material such as the massive Chicago-tinged jack track The Sweetest Thing (with Daniel Solar) and the throbbing Audiofly-esque Curious. Each track is filled with organic drums and subtly moving grooves, creating a very mature and rich collection of floorfiller tracks in the process. Nearly every track is a bomb, and it is especially on tracks such as the incredibly solid That Is…?!, the synth-drenched and somewhat moody Parentless Child that Alex uses his creative skills to the fullest.

Our verdict:
Crafted with meticulous precision and a clear passion for the floor, Alex Niggemann’s debut album has become a very, very credible longplayer any of you house and techno freaks will love. We already knew this guy had it going, and this album confirms it.

Rating: 8.5/10
Label: Poker Flat
Release date: June 4th 2012

Alex Niggemann – Paranoid Funk by Poker Flat Recordings