BnB Review: AFFKT – Punto 0

Punto 0, AFFKT’s latest LP, is not the result of spending months in a sealed studio in some random city. Instead, its content was conceived while working with likeminded artists in Cuba, Germany, Brazil and AFFKT’s home town Valencia. And this method has certainly left its footprints, especially during the many warm and chilled moments this album holds. A look at the tracklist reveals the presence of Martin Czubala, Mathias Kaden, and Argenis Brito amongst others. Now, this would normally hint at dancefloor potential but although the album features several uptempo tracks, the overall mood is more suitable for sofa moments.

Sound wise, Punto 0 moves from minimal house to ambient, while also offering bits of progressive here and there. Tracks such as the lush and catchy Bruminha, the laidback Vainilla & Guayaba, and Bonaire perfectly to manage the warm vibe of the countries in which these tracks were produced, while Kadenzaffkt (with Mathias Kaden), El Flautista (with dOP), and You & We take us back to the dancefloor. In between these tracks we get to hear several laidback ambient tracks, creating a perfect balance between pool and clubbing moments.

Our verdict:
Punto 0 is a high quality collection of tracks that offer enough diversity without overdosing on it. The biggest strength, apart from the crisp overall sound, is the soothing atmosphere this CD as a whole transposes. A perfect album to get in the mood for summer.

Rating: 7.5/10
Label: Sincopat
Release date: February 24th, 2012

01. Intro feat. Truffle
02. Bruminha
03. Kadenzaffkt with Mathias Kaden
04. Wichy Interlude
05. Vainilla & Guayaba
06. Grandiosa
07. El Flautista with dOP
08. Nuvol feat. Sutja Gutierrez
09. Bonaire with Analog People In Digital World
10. Joyvan Interlude
11. Sabroso with Marcin Czubala
12. Los Fantasmas
13. Orquesta Peculiar
14. You & We
15. Le Rendezvous with Darlyn Vlys
16. Hecuba