Australian Producer Pogo Arrested




The DJ and producer spent three weeks in an US jail cell because he did not had the necessary work visa for his trip. According to Nick the concert promoters failed to set him up with the proper documentation, which in the end lead to his arrest.

Nick himself posted a statement on his blog; “For those of you less informed, I have just spent three weeks in US custody. Two in a county jail, and one in a federal detention centre. It was proper incarceration, courtesofy The Agency Group and their failure to provide me with the correct travel documents for my September tour in 2011. The moment they heard the news, they removed me from their list of clients and never communicated with me again. I’m not one to set fire to people’s reputations, but wow, I was unimpressed with these people to put it mildly.“

Nick is on the loose again but has been banned from the US for a stunning 10 years. Although this is not the first time we hear about DJs having problems with US working permits, this one seems to be the most serious incident to date.