Vincent I. Watson


A cross a nearly 20-year span, Vincent I. Watson has established himself as one of the most versatile and original producers in the techno community. As Vince Watson, the Scottish DJ/producer has been releasing high profile material on labels such as Delsin, Headspace, Tresor, Alola, Tronic and Planet E, while his own BIO and Everysoul labels have been serving as an outlet for productions both from himself as likeminded artists in the league of groovy, melodic techno with an hypnotic twist.

And there’s a lot to look back on: in 2005, Vince released two landmark albums: ‘Sublimina’ and ‘Echoes From The Future: View To The Past’, both of which are excellent examples of his captivating melodic techno sound, after which he went on to produce five more LPs while relocating to the city of Amsterdam. Recommended EPs come in the form of ‘Mystical Rhythm’ (2001), Darksoul (2003), Hybrid Reactions (2005), 2011’s Atom EP on Tresor (which includes our all-time Vince Watson-favorite ‘Kaleidoscope’) and 2012’s Interference EP.

More recently, Vince released his seventh album ‘Serene’ under his full name Vince I. Watson. The new album, an intriguing mixture of symphonic ambient, hints of house and soulful breakbeat/jazz compositions, paves the way for a new venture into scoring music for TV and film. Given Vince’s previous, highly atmospheric deliveries on the techno tip, it can only be labeled a logical progression in artistic development.

We recently caught up with Vince to discuss his new album and his future projects. Here we go!

Hi Vincent, how have you been lately?
Hey! I’m great, thanks, been busy making music for this year’s releases and planning the new record label Reshapes for the spring/summer.

You recently released a new album, ‘Serene’, a collection of downtempo material leaning heavily on ambient and classical structures. What has been the main idea behind the conception of the album?
The concept of ‘Serene’ was quite simply to create an audio version of one night’s sleep, to take a deep journey into the depths of the unknown that we go to every night, yet still remains unexplored. It’s been a long time in the making and the debut for my alias Vincent I. Watson, which I’m using for this type of music. You should try a 60-minute powernap on the couch with ‘Serene’ and see what happens!

How did you approach the overall creation of the album? In what ways did writing these tracks differ from producing techno?
Totally different thinking is needed. You don’t have the structured breakdowns to think about, so you can just flow naturally but sometimes that means cutting a lot of music out because I discovered that jamming sessions with ambient music last days, so it takes a bit longer… and you have to place sounds in the mix differently also.

The album is said to be a preview of a new venture into scoring music for television and film. How did the idea for this new musical direction came about?
It’s always been there. My music has been cinematic at times, and I’ve always intended to spread my wings a bit more when the time was right. Movie soundtracking is the ultimate goal of course. I’m not stopping all my other musical ventures, I’m just opening a new door.

Can you reveal some of the TV/film projects you’re currently working on?
No, sadly I can’t…but all will be revealed when finished.

What else is in the pipeline for you at the moment? Any new releases or special projects coming up?
I’ve got a couple of singles coming out in the spring on my Bio and Everysoul labels, as well as the launch of Reshapes, my new label which is a collab label with other artists. I’ve got a remix to do for Suara at the moment…and I’m going to start the next Planet E single shortly.

We frequently get to see pics from your Amsterdam studio on Facebook, which basically looks like any gear geeks wet dream! Any favorite piece of gear you can’t do without?
SH101 and MPC. Those two machines are totally essential to me. I now have a mixture of hardware and computer in the studio, so I’m coming from a live recording workflow in the past and the 101 and MPC give me the raw edge you need for recording your live jams on the computer based studio. I would be lost without them.

You also run your own labels called BIO and EVERYSOUL. What can we expect from the labels in the near future?
I have a new single called ‘Elusia’ coming on Bio in spring, and Everysoul will see the mixes of ‘Voodoo Disco’ from my last album ‘Every Soul Needs a Guide’. I’m currently working on a collab track for Aril Brikha for the new Reshapes label as well.

Any final words of wisdom for our readers? Anything goes!
Hopefully I’ll be bringing a liveshow to you soon! Meantime, look deeper, listen deeper, breath deeper…and eat your greens. X

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