Acid Mondays


Ibiza. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve only ever heard the thud of a four four house beat on a tinny radio or it’s the soundtrack to your weekend worship, everyone knows the connection between dance music and the white isle. The deeper you delve into it the more it becomes a mystifying presence beyond the glitz of the obvious club events, and for centuries it’s held a magnetic appeal on the creative bourgeoise, long before four brits went on a holiday of self discovery in the mid eighties.

One music outfit who owe more than most to the island are Acid Mondays. The combination of Circus and Cafe Mambo resident Alex Wolfenden and Wax:On producer Negghead, their musical genesis occurred in the midst of the heady centre-piece of the island in the last seven to eight years, the daytime lunacy of DC10 and Circo Loco and then the expansive abyss of Cocoon at Amnesia.

You’ve recorded for a wide variety of labels such as 2020 Vision, Deep Vibes, Circus Recordings and Illusion, so are getting more and more renown as producers. In the studio do you both prefer plug-ins or hardware, and is there a real focus on collaboration at the same time or do you work remotely for your collaborations at times?
We both learned to produce using Hardware samplers, drum machines & synths before software and plug-ins were capable of replicating or being up to the same standard of hardware. However over the last few years the software has advanced so much that you can get amazing sounds from plug-ins now. For us it’s about creating different textures and sound using a mixture of old and new hardware along with software to create a much richer sound filling all the spectrum and painting the picture of sound we want.

Although at times we might start a new tune by using a beat one of us has made on our own pretty much all our work is done together in our studio. The way we have our equipment set up means that we can both be playing various bits of hardware at the same time or one of us will be engineering while the other playing.”

So the Acid Mondays name comes from a very special Ibizan practice of a Monday in DC10 and Amnesia, where you basically session it and then let the creative outpouring afterwards deliver the strongest ideas for your grooves. Have you been able to mirror the experience in any other clubs at all across the globe?
The sounds coming from DC10 & Cocoon in Ibiza have been constantly setting the standards in house and techno. Being on the Island and listening to this week in week out its hard not to get the inspired from the vibe and the energy. We are more about the way of thinking rather than just sessioning it out. We are very creative people and want to express ourselves in a very open way. All things trippy and cosmic are just another way we have connections that we use with the feeling we have when making sounds.

What makes Ibiza such a special environment for this particular brand of enlightenment? And what are you looking forward to the most about the new season starting? Is Monday still the best day of the week or have there been other parties that have taken your eye last summer?
Ibiza is one of the most magic, cosmic, crazy, beautiful places in the world but it’s all about the energy and that is always there irrelevant of what you do, it’s up to you to take and give to it whatever you feel.

Over the last few years a lot of the Dj’s who played at Cocoon and DC10 have gone off and done their own thing like Luciano, Maroc Carola & Riche Hawtin and they have all have been successful, spreading quality music on the Island and helping to shift the balance, which is great for the progression of music in this scene. This year will be no exception with more and more quality DJ’s getting the chance to step it up and do their own thing. So we’re definitely looking forward to that.

Two Circus dates for you this Easter, both at London and Liverpool. Having played both clubs before what are the differences between the shows, and what can each club-goer expect from Acid Mondays at the parties?
Circus is a feeling and focuses on not only pushing quality Dance music across the board but also getting right-minded party people together and just having fun! In Liverpool the people want to party straight away. The doors open and by 11pm there is atmosphere in every room and at 12 it’s ready to go right off. In London the same thing happened when we played before Laurent Garnier, we played some deep energetic techno as the room started to fill and it was ready to blow when we finished at 1am when LBS took the stage.

You’re also part of the Circus Recordings family, who will be doing a showcase at the Camp and Furnace in Liverpool. How well is the label progressing and can you see any similarities starting to form between it and the other imprints you record for such as 2020?
The labels progressing really well, Yousef is investing a lot of time and energy into the label and each release seems to be pushing the label on. The main similarities for us between Circus and the other labels we’ve released on such as 2020 Vision, Deep Vibes & Illusion is that they’re all run by really great people who love music first and foremost. They’re not interested in hype or what’s cool at the moment, just quality music.

Who else is really exciting you music wise at the present?
Soul Capsule, Ben UFO, All Inn Records, Apollonia & Third Side

What can we expect to hear and see from you in 2013 in terms of gigs and productions?
We have an EP out on Illusion Recordings at the end of March featuring a remix from Delano Smith. We’re really excited about this as we’ve had loads of good feedback on it and the Delano Smith remix is great! We also have an EP due out in May on a new label called ‘Nilla’, that’s a sub label of the Romanian ‘All Inn’ label. We’ve just finished a remix of an old DJ Sneak tune which will be released soon on his ‘Sneak Classics’ imprint. We’ve done 2 remixes for Garry Todd’s ‘Contemporary Scarecrow label and we’ll be releasing a remix of the legendary German drummer ‘Wolfgang Haffner” on Timo Mass & Santos’ label in July.

And finally, we also hear you are currently on a quest to make it into space, could you tell us some more about what you expect out of that and if it is likely to happen?! And if you get there, what three records would you pick to soundtrack the mission?
I entered a competition held by Lynx to win a trip into space, firstly for the obvious as I have always dreamed of going to space but after a while when I saw everyone’s response and positive reaction, it became more about daring to dream and spreading the feeling that anything can be possible. So the reality is I don’t need to go as long as people question what is and isn’t possible. Saying that I am in the top 200 to go through to the next stage which is a chance to go to space camp and I would love to be fired from a rocket into space so if you would like to vote to make it happen please click on this link!