Interview: Laura Jones


Fresh from releasing another ace cut for Visionquest, we recently sat down with Leeds-based DJ/producer Laura Jones to dicuss her relationship with the seminal label, her background as a multi-instrumentalist, and much more... Amidst an endless army of DJs, Laura Jones´s light shines bright through the underground. On first glance perhaps it´s her trademark orange sunglasses … [Read more...]

Interview: Triumph


Talking about Triumph means talking about Espai Music. Label founder and inimitable producer in his own right, Triumph has been responsible for key moments in the scene in recent times, with single “Discover” on Rebirth's label bringing huge accolades along with it. Triumph has also release music as Mystery Inside (together with Edu Imbernon), which has been released on the … [Read more...]

Interview: The Hacker


Fresh from releasing the second part of his 'Love/Kraft' LP, French producer The Hacker discusses the concept and production of the album, his insecurities as a producer, and upcoming projects. A lifelong and relentless supporter of EBM, New Wave and electro, French producer Michel Amato is perhaps best known to many as one of the initiators of the electroclash sound, a … [Read more...]

Interview: Bordertown


Ricky and Luke are Bordertown, a DJ/production duo with a sound that’s well-versed in classic-sound house music. Their latest production, the brilliant 'Things Should Go', a collaboration with Canadian duo EZLV speaks volume of the fact – and as if to remind us of the fact it’s also seen the light of day on classic NYC imprint, Nurvous Records. As endorsements go, it doesn’t … [Read more...]

Interview: Marasco


Despite producing for the likes of SIESTA, Surface, Tulipa and Orion Muzik, Marasco is a producer who keeps a relatively low profile. Even so, he’s a mightily talented individual, just as his work for the aforementioned labels attests to. Based in Hawaii, the Italian grew up with the sounds of his local scene in Naples, where the likes of Danilo Vigorito et al played a profound … [Read more...]