Interview: Benno Blome


Head of the influential Berlin-based Sender label Benno Blome has been helping to shape the techno scene for over a decade. We went for a quick chat with the DJ/producer to talk his new release on Artreform, changes in Berlin nightlife, and the legacy of Bar25... A constant state of flux - this is the Benno Blome modus operandi. A DJ and producer dedicated to making a … [Read more...]

Interview: Bambook


Signed to Adana Twins' JEUDI label, on which they just released their 'Tow The Line' EP, Bambook speak up about their musical career thus far, crafting sounds and, of course, their latest projects. Despite being from Sweden, Bambook’s sound was fostered in the United Kingdom, in Manchester to be precise. Or at least, this is the case with Eiad, the older of the duo. Anyhow, … [Read more...]

BnB Exclusive: RBMA lecture with Gilb’r (Versatile Records)


In terms of  French electronic music they don't come any bigger than Gilb'r - aka half of Chateau Flight with I: Cube and the man behind Versatile Records, plus a host of other projects. Here the man himself chats to Red Bull Music Academy's Emma Warren as part of the RBMA from London's Road To Paris lecture session about the meaning behind his life's work in electronic … [Read more...]

Interview: Omer Grinker


Omer Grinker is an Israeli DJ/producer currently making waves thanks to his melodic and multifaceted take on all things house music. A firm staple of the Parallel posse, he’s won plaudits aplenty recently thanks to his work at the label, where he’s delivered a firm series of impressive cuts. His most recent outing is also one of his best, as he delivers a robust set of tracks … [Read more...]

Interview: Butch


Fresh from delivering edition no. 18 in Watergate;s acclaimed compilation series, German DJ/producer Butch talks about the production of the mix, his relationship with the label, current projects, and much more... Constantly working in parallels - drenched by a potent mixture of juxtaposition and fluidity in both his sets and his productions - Bülent Gürler AKA Butch, fuses … [Read more...]

Interview: Nicuri


Nicuri is Ruben Candelario, a DJ and producer from New Jersey, USA. A house head to the core, he makes classy and analogue-infused stuff, the likes of which has already drawn props from a host of the east coast’s most celebrated and similarly-minded folk. For a stunning glimpse into what makes him tick as a producer, be sure to check out his debut for the Growin label, which is … [Read more...]

Interview: Darkness Falls


Fresh from delivering their second pop noir album 'Dance And Cry' on hfn music, Darkness Falls' Josephine and Ina talk about its production, the art of songwriting, and the signature melancholic sound of Scandinavian pop... Enchanting, haunting, mysterious, yet full of beauty, drama and melancholy. These are just some of the elements key to the music of Copenhagen's pop noir … [Read more...]

Interview: Babylon Crooks


Mula and Pablow are Babylon Crooks, an Italian pairing with a penchant for music that encompasses the classier side of the house and techno divide. Despite making music and DJing together for some time, their debut release on the flourishing BADE Records is also their first release full-stop. Suffice to say, we wouldn’t be picking their brains so early on were it not a really … [Read more...]

Interview: Josh Garrett


Josh Garrett is the owner of the Subspec label, a tidy little imprint that’s focused towards house and techno spheres. A true exporter of hidden gems and assured-sounding vibes, the label has hosted everyone from Josh himself to the maestro that is Terrence Dixon. Operating out of Vancouver, it’s further example of Canada’s seemingly relentless love affair with all things … [Read more...]