Interview: Jules & Moss


Fresh from releasing their 'Double False Face' album on Acumen's Thrill Of It label, French house and techno duo Jules and Moss give us the low down on their musical background, working with Acumen and their love for rock, jazz, and soul music... So who’s who in Jules & Moss then? (Jules) My real name is Julien, but my mother always called me Jules. (Moss) And I’m … [Read more...]

Interview: Jag Kiranmay


Jag Kiranmay is a man whose background is every bit as diverse as the music he makes. Born in the Czech Republic, he spent time living in London and the US before settling down again in Prague. His travelling left a marked impression on his musical tastes, and his output is nothing if not deliciously versatile, and always sculpted in a discerning house vein. With his latest … [Read more...]

Interview: Gustin


One of Amsterdam's finest club nights, Floorplay, have invited Ireland's Gustin to play on Feb 28th at Club NL. We recently sat down with the man himself to discuss gigging, his connection to the Dutch scene, and much more... Please tell our readers about your early music memories and give a quick background of how you got into dance music. My earliest music memories would … [Read more...]

Interview: Rekord 61


Let it not be said that Rekord 61 is a man who doesn’t know his tunes. On the contrary, the Russian producer knows what’s what like the back of his hand, particularly when it comes to his genre of choice – techno. While techno can often be brutal and punishing in sound and texture, Rekord 61’s work is relentless but also full of vigour and colour. And unsurprisingly (much like … [Read more...]

Interview: Malandra Jr.


We recently sat down with Italian DJ/producer Malandra Jr. (Diynamic, Cocoon) to talk his artistic career, the emotional process that is music production, and his life outside the club. With a new record out on Diynamic, Malandra Jr. has become an absolute one-to-watch if you like your house and techno dark but melodic. Hailing from a very musical family, Malandra Jr. has … [Read more...]