D. Ramirez & Bnann Infadel talk Night Safari

Night Safari

Storming the playlists of people like Oliver Heldens, Sick Individuals and BBC Radio 1's Danny Howard this summer, Night Safari appears to be coming out of nowhere. The two house honchos, D. Ramirez and Bnann Infadel, are about to release their first single via Zulu records, but first – where exactly did that name come from? You’re two of the most respected names in the … [Read more...]

Christian Smith Readies New LP ‘Stranger Than Paradise´


What better way to mark the 20th anniversary of Tronic, his forward-thinking label, than creating a new artist album? Christian Smith stands out as one of the world’s leading exponents of inventive, diverse techno and “Stranger Than Paradise” continues his enthralling, ever-evolving musical journey with aplomb. The fact that Tronic is one of the Top 5 selling techno labels in … [Read more...]

Peyton shares his Beach House Sessions

Peyton Interview

As the Ibiza season draws to a close, Peyton – Blue Marlin legend and the voice behind ‘Higher Place’ – leaves us with a gift that keeps the summer sun going no matter what season it is. A collection of his 13 best productions, Beach House Sessions is the culmination of over a decade of hard work and soul searching. With the album now available for free on Peyton’s Soundcloud … [Read more...]

John Digweed & Nick Muir present The Traveler


John Digweed, Nick Muir and author John Twelve Hawks team up to present a unique collaborative album. John Digweed and Nick Muir's partnership has been one of electronic music's most fruitful pairings, leaving a body of work that’s seen them become one of the world’s most highly regarded production duos. While science fiction and electronic music have intertwined at numerous … [Read more...]

Gaiser announces new album ‘False Light’


A key member of the Minus family for almost a decade, Jon Gaiser is to release False Light, his third artist album on Richie Hawtin’s label in autumn 2014. The ten-track affair shows the American born, Berlin based techno innovator to have continued to evolve since his last full length and again is a very complete and contemporary techno tale. The new album was written with … [Read more...]