Desolat To Release tINI’s Debut LP



tINI debuted back in 2009 with her track That’s Right on the Desolat X compilation EP. After that first release she did a remix of Manon’s Que Cara É Essa, but mainly focussed on her DJ career. This album was mainly composed on Ibiza, where tINI draw inspiration from her experiences on the island. “For me a song is like my very own diary. My way to express my feelings in that very moment: from absolute joy to deepest melancholy.” she explains.

tINI’s debut LP Tessa will be released October 10th on Desolat.

1. Divided
2. Blond Galipette
3. Mine Has a Shower
4. All the Good Stuff
5. My Shine
6. Maria, Luise & Bert
7. Triptease
8. Canta La Testoasa
9. tINI Meets Jack Medusa
10. Monkey’s Cave
11. Fail Better
12. Someone Loves You

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